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Treatment of a Swollen Throat or Neck Muscle caused by Whiplash Injury.

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  Swollen Throat Neck & Swollen Neck Muscle Treatment

If you have ever experienced a swollen throat or neck after a fall or car accident you may have suffered a whiplash type injury, also known as an acceleration/ deceleration injury to the neck.

The human spine is a complex structure made of vertebrae and discs; supported by ligaments and muscles. Occasionally the tissue that comprises the spine be strained, as in the case of whiplash injury, leading to a range of symptoms that may include a swollen throat or neck or swollen neck muscles. Exactly how whiplash affects us depends on a number of factors. Ligaments and muscles in the neck can be affected, as can the vertebrae, discs and nerves of the spine as a whole.

When whiplash neck injury occurs, there may not be any sign of a problem until hours or even days after. Symptoms that feel like a swollen neck muscle can develop later and sometimes become progressively more painful; alternatively bruising or swelling of the throat or neck may develop soon after the injury occurs. Whether symptoms are immediate or delayed, the most important thing to do if you suspect you have received an injury to your spine is to seek immediate and professional medical attention.

Treatment of a Swollen Throat or Neck Muscle caused by Whiplash Injury

Some researchers believe that a combination of treatments can improve a swollen neck or the throat pain caused by whiplash. Massage, whiplash physical therapy and even hypnotism (all performed by trained professionals) are just some of the range of therapies put forward by researchers as potential cures . What is certain is that the medical world has no definite or categorical cure for whiplash and so a combined treatment plan often provides the best long and short term option for sufferers of a swollen throat or neck brought on by whiplash.

An isolated study carried out on 2 small groups of whiplash sufferers demonstrated that patients in group 1, using combined treatment programs of exercise, massage and spinal manipulation had less symptoms in both the long and short than patients in group 2, who were only treated with traditional short term remedies, such as ice packs .

Similarly, some studies have also suggested that people who return to normal activity may experience fewer long term problems with their throat and neck, than those who either choose to simply rest their swollen neck or use a surgical collar. These studies also conclude that around 1 in every 10 whiplash sufferers experiences long term problems (known as whiplash syndrome) irrespective of their choice of treatment. There is still a long way to go in the search for a definitive treatment regime for a swollen throat or neck caused by a whiplash injury.
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