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The following is a 100% real testimonial from a member of our team who was successfully treated for a herniated cervical disc by Malton Schexneider' s Erase Your Back Pain Program.

Malton A. Schexneider, PT, MMScy is a master clinician, which represents only about 5% of all physical therapists worldwide

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Erase Your Back Pain Malton Schexneider
Erase Your Back Pain
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WARNING: Buying Back Treatment Programs on the Internet can PERMANENTLY damage your health! From: the desk of a staff member
Time: 20th October 2008, 3am GMT
Re: Dangerous Internet Back Pain Scams

Dear Fellow Neck and Back Pain sufferer - Let's get something dead straight before we start...

I hate people on the Internet who try to profit falsely from other people´s pain and desperation.

I despise them more than you do, and if you give me a few seconds I will tell you why.

But first, let's start with how I got here, and why I'm writing this...

In November 2007 I herniated a disc in my cervical spine playing football. The MRI showed 2 additional bulging cervical discs and 3 osteophytes or bone spurs. I was told that surgery carried a risk of paralysis of around 1%. I was, to put it bluntly, devastated...

After recovering from the initial shock of my diagnosis, I decided to become proactive in the search for a non-surgical treatment that could help me recover from my condition. I began to surf the Internet looking for something, in fact anything that could help me with my pain.

It was the sort of pain that never went away; in fact, what scared me the most, was that is was a type of pain that I had never even felt before.

I searched all of the major search engines for information about non-surgical treatments for herniated discs and bone spurs but although I discovered a wealth of information about things like cider vinegar, glucosamine, cervical traction and inversion tables, there was hardly any clinical evidence that these products actually worked.

In addition they all seemed to be treatments for the symptoms of my condition and not actual cures that could provide lasting and real pain relief.

In fact every supplement I came across required "further clinical testing" to ascertain its effectiveness whilst every piece of equipment I found never went any further than saying "may help in some cases".

I even found some horror stories from people who had tried the latest spinal decompression tables and ended up feeling worse than before the treatment! And whilst we are on the subject of spinal decompression tables, did you know that spinal decompression can cost anywhere from $100-$200 per visit and it usually takes about 20 visits to achieve the treatment goals?! It is important for you to know this as the patient is often left with a huge bill to pay; many insurance companies see spinal decompression as experimental and will not pick up the tab!

The truth is, there seemed to be nothing out there that was either clinically proven, affordable or could guarantee results. But there was worse!

What I did discover was a large number of people with absolutely no medical qualifications trying to sell products to back pain sufferers that couldn't possibly treat or cure their conditions and because the Internet is largely unregulated they were getting away with it day after day!

They were essentially preying on people's misfortune to make a quick buck and I don't know about you but that really makes my blood boil!

OK, enough of the doom and gloom! Lets talk about how I found the cure for my neck and back pain.

One night, about three months ago now, I was browsing the web when I stumbled across a blog hosted by Malton Schexneider, who for the past 25 years has worked as a nationally known educator, university professor, published author, and practicing clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapy.

He had posted an article about something called "core strengthening exercises", which I was researching as a possible treatment option for my own upper back and neck pain. I decided to post a comment in response to his blog post, not really expecting to receive any further correspondence on the matter. So, you can imagine my surprise when the very next day I received a personalised email from Mr Schexneider, asking me more about my pain symptoms and what treatments I had tried.

Now, I don't know about you but in my experience it´s not very often that someone takes time out of their day to contact a blogger directly; so I decided to research Malton Schexneider a little more. This is what I found...

Malton Schexneider Back and  Neck Pain Specialist

In the email Mr Schexneider asked me if I would be interested in trying his back pain program as I had experienced only a slight improvement in my condition from several months of intensive physiotherapy.

Although I was impressed by his credentials, I politely declined his program, as I had read many a horror story of people buying similar back treatment programs on the Internet.

I mean how do we really know who is trying to sell us these miracle cures?

What qualifications do they really have in the field of spine treatment to back up their claims?

The Truth of the matter is that in many cases Internet Back Pain cures are being sold by non-qualified individuals looking to make a fast buck out of our pain and desperation!

Anyway, after I declined Mr Schexneider´s offer I received another email from him saying, and I quote:

"hey, man, that's cool. Know that I'm here to help should you need."

I mean, this guy wasn't trying to push anything on me! He wasn't even trying to sell me a 90 day supply of "Wonder Pills" or a $90 neck cushion (made in China for less than a $1!) to help me sleep at night. This got me thinking, so I looked a little deeper and this is what I found...

Malton Schexneider cures Barry Manilow

Not only was Mr Schexneider recognised by his own profession as one of the top 5% of osteopaths in the world, he also had some pretty important people who had been helped by his Back Pain program. And there were more like them who wanted to go on record to thank him personally for changing their lives...

Erase Your Back Pain Testimonial

For the first time in my search for relief from my own upper back and neck pain, there was someone credible who seemed to have helped other people whose lives had also been put on hold by the nagging thought that "maybe surgery is the only answer"...

Don't get me wrong, at this point I was still more than a little sceptical, but the more times I Googled Mr Schexneider, the more confidence I had that this guy was in fact the real deal .

So, after a couple of weeks of more pain and no improvement from my physiotherapy, I finally decided to ask Mr Schexneider for his advice.

Now, if you are like me, and have ever tried asking one of these Internet doctors for advice, they normally do one of three things:

1. Ignore you.

2. Direct you to the order page for their "miracle cure".

3. Or, last but not least, send you an exercise sheet that looks something like this, before directing you to the order page for their "miracle cure":

Useless Back and Neck Exercises

Now, I am neither a medical, nor legal expert, but wouldn't sending someone with back problems a sheet like this one, without a prior diagnosis, constitute something along the lines of medical negligence?

Mr Schexneider´s response was nothing like this!

The first thing he asked me, was to provide him with a complete history of my condition and symptoms, along with scanned copies of my xrays and MRI scan. He also asked me to send him 4 photos: back, front and both sides so he could get a good idea of what was behind my pain symptoms.

Two days later, I received a phone call from Mr Schexneider himself confirming that he believed his back program would be an effective treatment for my upper back and neck pain and that to guarantee his recommendation he would offer me the same iron clad guarantee that he offers all of his clients. His guarantee is clear and simple:

If Malton Schexneider's Erase Your Back Pain Program doesn't work for you, it's absolutely FREE!

So, I asked myself the same 5 questions that I had always asked myself when thinking about ordering a product for my pain relief from the Internet:

1. Is this guy a real doctor with real qualifications and not just someone out to sell me a bunch of useless exercises that they found on the Internet? - Yes!

2. Is he an accredited and recognised expert in his field? - Yes!

3. Has anyone "of note" (by this I mean not the fictional Mrs Smith from Romford UK!) used his program and achieved lasting pain relief where other products had failed? - Yes!

4. Is the treatment program completely safe to use? - Yes!

5. If it doesn't work for me, will I get every last cent of my hard earned cash refunded? - Yes!

The answer to all of my questions was a resounding YES!, so I truly had nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying his program. And that is exactly what I did.

And the result?

2 months in to my personalized treatment program and I can tell you truthfully that I have made 100 times the progress in returning myself to normality than I did with 10 months of standard physiotherapy!

What has been made abundantly clear to me by my dramatic improvement is that the cause of everyone's back pain is different and only by addressing the causes on a case by case basis can progress be made. There are a lot of con-men and cowboys out there trying to sell us treatments or cures that, at best are a waste of money and, at worst, can seriously damage our health. By definition, any "one size fits all" approach to back pain is doomed to failure from the beginning; just like the exercise sheet example that I mentioned earlier.

Two facts that you simply must know about Mr Schexneider's back pain treatments are:

1. 90% of people suffering with most forms of back pain can be helped with Malton Schexneider's back pain program!

2. Malton Schexneider has already helped over 17,000 people overcome their sciatica and back pain without drugs, costly medical services or surgery!

Impressive right?!

But before I show you how to visit Mr. Schexneider's website to get access to his Erase Your Back Pain program, I want to demonstrate, once more, the difference between Malton Schexneider and the Internet cowboys out there who, on a day to day basis are selling you and I back pain relief products that can actually end up putting your health at risk. This is a testimonial that you must read from someone that Mr Schexneider was not able to help through his back pain program, but who owes his health and maybe more to Malton Schexneider's advice:

Erase Your Back Pain Testimonial

OK, so how do you get your hands on a personalized copy of Malton Schexneider's Back Pain Program?

That's easy, click the button below and you will be taken directly to Malton Schexneider's official website where you can follow the instructions provided. Once you have placed your order you will be directed to a "Thankyou" page where you will be asked to provide Malton with some details about your condition so that he can professionally tailor your back pain treatment.

And that's all there is to it!

Order Erase Your Back Pain here

If you are suffering from back pain, you simply have to check out Malton Schexneider. It will be one of the best decisions you will ever take in this life time. I did and I haven't looked back since. Wishing you the best of health!
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